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What is Scrip?

What is Scrip?  Scrip is "substitute money", which functions just like gift cards / certificates. Our program allows Our Lady of Lourdes participants to purchase Scrip for everyday expenses like food, clothing, and entertainment; while earning a percentage of the value of the gift card. In fact, the Scrip Program earned over $40,000 this past school year for the school and parish!

If I want to place a special order, how do I do that? 

Fill out an order form (found in the main hallway at OLL or online) and return the order form with your check (made out to OLL) to the Scrip seller after mass or turn in at the school office during school hours.  The Scrip order is placed Friday at noon during the school year, returning to you 1 week later. Email Marcela Mahoney regarding scrip orders during summer.

We are a school family.  We understand Scrip is mandatory for us if we do not opt out of Scrip.  How many Scrip cards do we need to buy? 

This is a frequently asked question.  It depends on which Scrip you purchase.  You need to earn $150 in profit for the Scrip year.  Here's an average of what you could earn in one week -

  • $100 Chucks                @ 10%  -> $10
  • $100 Fred Meyer         @   5%  -> $5
  • $ 25 Dutch                    @ 25%  -> $6.25
  • $8 Kaady car wash     @ 44%  -> $3
  • $50 Beaches                @ 10%  -> $5
  • $30 Heathen Brewing @ 15%  -> $4.50

Total paid for week $313, you just earned $33.75 on just the basics!

We are a school family. Can our family and friends buy Scrip to help us meet our Scrip commitment?

Absolutely. You can have them buy scrip from Our Lady of Lourdes and have them mark your name on the Scrip receipt. You can also have them register their Fred Meyer cards.  Register online FRED MEYER NUMBER:  Our Lady of Lourdes Group ID # is:  JQ429.

Also, everyone can login their store receipts from Vancouver Mall vendors for the Vancouver Mall Rewards Program. Our first year we earned $700 for OLL, coming in 7th place!

How to order Scrip

  1. Weekdays in the school (before and after school each day.)
  2. Purchase scrip gift cards after all Masses in the gymnasium–volunteers will be selling at the scrip table.
  3. Send in completed order forms with payment to school. Orders received by 12:00pm on Friday will be returned by the following Friday. 
  4. Online 

Introducing Online Ordering!

Instead of sending in a paper order form, you can now place your order online. Orders and payments received by 10 am on Sunday will be returned on or before Friday. 
Here are the steps to get started:
2. Email Marcela Mahoney, Scrip Coordinator for Enrollment Code.
3. Fill in all required information and select “I Accept”.
4. Set up your scrip payment Gateway* account to buy scrip online. 

What is Gateway?

Gateway* is an online payment method used for all online purchases. eCertificates are delivered right to your email, and they’re available in minutes when you pay for your order with Gateway! eCertificates make it even easier to use scrip for all your purchases.
*To sign up for Gateway, simply log on to your ScripZone account and click on the Gateway link on the homepage.
Once approved by your coordinator, a final email will be sent as notification you are ready for online payment.  All online orders must be paid for with Gateway.

Gateway Fees

Pay online when you order — using ScripZone Gateway. For all orders under $50 there is a $.50 processing fee. For all orders over $50, the processing fee is waived. Save yourself time and pay with a virtual check instead. In fact, all the information you need to register is printed right on your check. Gateway is not a credit card system, but instead uses the secure ACH electronic funds transfer system.
To have national giftcards sent directly to your home, there is a small shipping charge of $1-$7.50 depending on shipping method. There is no charge for cards shipped with group order.
Questions regarding the SCRIP program? Email us.