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What is Scrip?

Using a gift card to pay for your everyday items instead of cash or a credit card. Each gift card has a rebate on it that goes directly to Our Lady of Lourdes when you buy the card at face value. Scrip is an easy and convenient fundraiser that allows Our Lady of Lourdes participants to purchase Scrip for everyday expenses like food, clothing, and entertainment; while earning a percentage of the value of the gift card. The goal of our Scrip Program is to earn over $40,000 each school year for the school and parish!

We are a school family. How many Scrip cards do we need to buy? 

It depends on which Scrip you purchase. You need to earn $150 in profit for the Scrip year.  Here's an average of what you could earn in one week -

$100 Chucks @ 10% -> $10
$100 Fred Meyer @ 5% -> $5
$25 Dutch @ 25% -> $6.25
$8 Kaady car wash @ 44% -> $3
50 Beaches @10% -> $5
$30 Heathen Brewing @15% -> $4.50

Total paid for week $313, you just earned $33.75 on just the basics!

We are a school family. Can our family and friends buy Scrip to help us meet our scrip commitment?

Yes! Email scrip coordinator, provide the email addresses of those authorized to purchase towards your family.

Gateway Fees

$.50 processing fee for all orders under $50.
$1-$7.50 depending on shipping method. There is no charge for cards shipped with group order.

Order Forms

Click here for the National scrip order form
Click here for the Local scrip order form

How to set up online scrip ordering

This really takes no time at all, and in moments you’ll have a very easy way to choose and buy your scrip. Watch these short videos-

1. How to set up payment for your scrip

2. How to order your scrip online

If you prefer, here are written instructions-

1. Go to and enter your email.
2. Select forgot your passcode and a temporary will be sent.
3. Log in and change your password and update profile information. 
4. Go to dashboard, select: My Scrip Payment Center.
5. Accept terms and enter your information as required.
6. Scripzone will process and verify your bank account.
7. You should receive an email confirmation, then follow final set up process. Email Marcela with questions.