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Give More 24! is on September 24th, 2020


Click here to make your donation on Thursday 24th - thank you so much!


We are very happy to announce a $40,000 match for Give More 24! from the Joseph E. Weston Foundation. Thank you Weston Foundation for amplifying our donations with your matches.

The match will be divided into-

  • $20,000 match for the Endowment Fund, and
  • $20,000 for Tuition Assistance

This puts the fun into fundraising! 24 hours of online giving! Organized by the Community Foundation of SW Washington, Give More 24! is open to nonprofits in Clark County, so you might find all your favorite local nonprofits taking part.

Donations will be divided between the endowment and scholarship funds.

2020 you will raise ????
2019 you raised $33,384
2018 you raised $42,102
2017 you raised $28,713
2016 you raised $16,936
2015 you raised $10,091

Our goal is to raise-

$20,000 for the endowment fund
$20,000 for the scholarship fund and

Together we are stronger
Together we are bigger
Together we are louder
Together we are #LancerStrong

Last Year's Results-

$30,809 online donations
$30,809 matching funds
$2,000 in prizes
$750 offline donation
$64,368 total Give More 24! page
PLUS $1,825 in cash and checks $1,825 will be matched