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Family of God Service Program


We are all part of the family of God, brothers and sisters. Just like in our own family, we love and help each other however we can. We are also called by God to help and serve all of our brothers and sisters in our own community and around the world. When we are doing service, we are loving God, our family, and our neighbors. Let us always be mindful that we love each other and are part of the family of God.

Service is an integral and essential part of our Catholic Identity. The ultimate goal of service is to create disciples - to create children and youth that can always answer “How can I make Jesus present in the world today?” By practicing some of our Catholic virtues and values, we can learn to identify how we as individuals can make Jesus present to others.

Service helps us become faith-filled people and gives us the opportunity to demonstrate compassion, consideration, and respect for others. It also helps us celebrate, understand, and apply our Gospel values. Service is incorporated into the school culture, ensuring that students learn the value of serving others in our local and global communities. Each class participates in a service project that serves our local or global community. 

Here at Our Lady of Lourdes 5th through 8th grade students have Service Journals to reflect in and keep track of their service work throughout the year. All service forms and reflections are kept in these journals. Students will carry their journal with them through these four years and will be able to see all the service they have accomplished.

The Family of God Service program is aligned with our Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLE). Every month, students learn a service virtue that parallels the SLE.

Student Annual Service Hours

5th grade       5 service hours
6th grade     10 service hours 
7th grade     20 service hours
8th grade     30 service hours

Useful forms 

Current Service Rubric
Service Requirement Form
Service Form

Student Summer Service Hours

Students can complete as many hours as they can over the summer, but they'll only get credit for half of what they are expected to do during the school year.

OLL students doing service project

We do keep track of TOTAL hours per student, and recognize top service students!

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