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Marcela Mahoney

Marcela Mahoney
Marcela Mahoney
Scrip Coordinator
  • College University of Oregon


BA Business and French, University of Oregon
Italian, Portland State University 

About Mrs. Mahoney

Prior to coming to Our Lady of Lourdes as your Scrip Coordinator in the Fall of 2015, I worked in the wine industry for 19 years as a purchasing agent, book keeper, salesperson, and translator in French, Spanish and Italian. Sometimes doing 2 or more positions at the same time. I am big on multi-tasking and organization.

My family became part of the school family in 2013 when our first born entered Preschool. I have always enjoyed working with my fellow faculty and parents, as Room mom or my child's classroom auction coordinator. Now I use my skills in purchasing and accounting to run our school's SCRIP PROGRAM. My goal is to find vendors, focusing on Local Vendors, who will benefit our families with their services or goods and give us larger returns.

I welcome any and all suggestions. Our gift card selection changes with each year.  Some stay each year, while others maybe  seasonal, special order or a temporary fixture. I am always looking for programs that benefit our school, like, Fred Meyer Rewards, or Vancouver Mall Reward Program. Whether they are given directly towards your annual profit requirements or go to the school directly, it all leads to one goal: profit for our kids education. My goal is to reach $40,000 profit and we are so close. I hope with each year, we can come closer to attaining this goal.

Thank you to my team and you, the families of the school and parish, for your continued support. Without you, this program would not be possible. So next time you need groceries to gas, please remember to stop by our SCRIP TABLE during SCRIP TIME (before or after school or after weekend masses) for all your gift card needs.