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Andy Nutter

Andy Nutter
Andy Nutter
MS / Grade 7 Homeroom

Masters in Teaching
Washington State University

About Mr. Nutter

Warm greetings to all. It has long been my pleasure to have spent my teaching career associated with OLL. To be surrounded by friendly, engaging students as well as an admirable staff, and truly involved parents has made teaching a joy.

I have spent my entire life as a local community member and have my own loving family. My two children have both been OLL students and my eldest graduated from the University of Great Falls. Both OLL and Seton Catholic have proved to be warm inviting environments with strong core values.

Mission for the Class:

To engage students in the understanding that life, like science, is an ever eventful process of inquiry and problem solving. Explore, ask questions, and remember that the purpose of education is life after education.