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Alumni Updates 


Alumni Update with Joshua Nehnevaj June 2018Former OLL student

OLL: We would like to share an update on alumni Joshua Nehnevaj. First a reminder of who he is….

Josh: I am the eldest child of Jerry and Tracy Nehnevaj, with four siblings Daniel, Maria, Theresa, and Steven.

OLL: What do you remember most about Lourdes school?

Josh: I graduated from Lourdes in 2008. I especially remember Karen Burnham, the youth minister at the time, Mr. Nutter and Mr. Massey, both math teachers, Mr. Delgadillo, a track coach, and Mr. Mullis, a swim coach, as influences on my life in terms of encouraging me to do just a little bit better and to learn just a little bit more.

OLL: What are your favorite Lourdes memories?

Josh: My favorite memories were mostly from swimming and track as I really enjoyed both, and even set a few school records (that have since been broken). I also remember being in Mr. Massey’s independent study group for Math, where I learned how to be disciplined and to learn things on my own.

OLL: Here’s the exciting update - we heard you are going to Rome - how long will you be there?

Josh: I will be there for 4 or 5 years. Those years are broken up into three years of study for the Bachelor of Sacred Theology (STB). After receiving the STB, I will be ordained a deacon. Then, I will begin the second cycle of studies which is either one year of study for a certificate or two years for a Licentiate of Sacred Theology (STL). Regardless, one year after being ordained a deacon I will be ordained a priest. During the first two years I will not be allowed to return home. This means that during the summer after my first year I will get the opportunity to have a ministry assignment somewhere in Europe. The following summers will be spent back home at a ministry assignment somewhere in the Archdiocese of Seattle.

OLL: Can you tell us a little more about the program?

Josh: Yes, I will be studying theology, taking classes at the Pontifical Gregorian University where the classes are taught entirely in Italian, so I also have to learn Italian before classes start. The program of study includes scripture, sacraments, liturgy, canon law, Greek, Hebrew, church history, moral theology, spiritual theology, and systematic theology.

OLL: Where will you be living?

Josh: At the Pontifical North American College seminary where I will receive some of the more practical training on how to be an effective priest, including the more pastoral and spiritual parts of priesthood. I will have a ministry assignment somewhere in Rome each year to help achieve this goal.

OLL: Do you have any favorite seminary moments you would like to share?

Josh: I have really enjoyed the community aspect of seminarian. It has been truly incredible to be a part of a community that shares the same goal. Even despite how different every seminarian is, our love for Christ and our desire to serve His Church unites us. I have also enjoyed meeting various people in the Archdiocese of Seattle, who have invited me to share in their lives in a deeper way. Additionally, I appreciate being able to incorporate more prayer into my life, especially liturgical prayers like the Liturgy of the Hours and daily Mass.

OLL: What are you most looking forward to?

Josh: In the short term, I am looking forward to learning Italian and visiting Lourdes, France. More long term, I am looking forward to inviting people to meet Jesus, especially through the sacraments, as a priest.

OLL: Grazie Josh, viaggio sicuro, sei nelle nostre preghiere (safe journey, you are in our prayers)

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June 2018 Seton Catholic Awards

Seton recognized students who exemplified their three pillars - higher learning, deeper faith and stronger character. Of those 9 students, 4 came from Our Lady of Lourdes!

Kendra Brislawn  - deeper faith
Zach Cowger - higher learning
Mia Kuchenreauther - deeper faith
Lauren Naughton - stronger character

As reported in our 2016-17 annual report -

Paul Meister (OLL, ’13, Columbia River HS, ’17) ROTC Scholarship to University of Portland
Ricky Torres (OLL, ’13, Seton Catholic HS ’17) ROTC Scholarship to University of Portland
Ricky Torres & Emily Martin (OLL, ’13, Seton Catholic HS ’17) Co-Valedictorians of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton graduating class of 2017
Taylor Gorretta (OLL, ’13, Central Catholic HS, ’17) Playing Volleyball at Occidental College in Los Angeles
Alex McGarry (OLL, ’12, Columbia River HS, ’16) Playing Baseball at Oregon State University
Breda Bosch (OLL, ’08, Columbia River HS, ’12, Gonzaga University, ’16) Spent a year working with Jesuit Volunteer Corps, now teaches English to children in Chongqing, China
John Wuest (OLL, ’13, Central Catholic, ’17) National Hispanic Honor Scholar and National Merit Scholar
Isabella Fazio (OLL, ’13, Central Catholic, ’17) Holy Spirit Award for outstanding leadership