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Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School continues to look beyond the curricular areas by developing the whole student - education of the mind and heart. Our school is staffed by teachers who believe unquestioningly that all children can and must learn, regardless of income, status, or race. Equally important is the teachers’ sense of responsibility and their determination to improve the lives of their students.

Click on an image below and watch a video to learn about that teacher and their classroom.

Sarah Weddle

Sarah Weddle         Cala Phillips
Preschool Dir.         Preschool Teacher

Sara Johnson         Lisa Dean                Rachael Dickson
Kindergarten          1st Grade                 2nd Grade

Christine Masterson     Suzanne Olson     Alex Hart
3rd Grade                        4th Grade              5th Grade

Kate Odin                 Andy Nutter              Sam Lloyd
6th Grade                 7th Grade                  8th Grade

Beth Anderson        Joe Braunstein      Debbie Gard            Tricia Wickizer
Librarian                   P.E.                           Music                       Technology