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Distance Learning Spring 2020

Our incredible teachers began distance teaching on March 16th, with just one day to leap into the world of distance learning. With profound dedication, our faculty was determined that their students did not miss a beat in learning. As a private school where education, faith and family come first, we know how important it is to maintain learning and allow our students to grow and thrive. Being a small school, we have been able to listen to our families' feedback and promptly make improvements. With this ability to be flexible and our sensitive and caring teachers, distance learning is working at Lourdes.

Check out some of these short videos sharing distance learning here at Lourdes.

3rd grade enjoying P.E. with Mr. Braunstein. 

Mrs. Guard teaching singing to preschoolers.

Mrs. Weddle our preschool teaching sharing her love of the outdoors, and mason bees.

Technologies Used

Our teachers use a variety of online technologies to keep distance learning effective and varied.
- Zoom
- Flipgrid
- create videos
- Google Classroom
- content from a variety of teaching website-
- every student has the opportunity to take a Chromebook/iPad home

Family Testimonials

"The Hybrid Model has helped tremendously with social growth, and that is what the Spring was lacking.  I think OLL has found a good balance between social opportunities and safety, and we appreciate you."

"Thank you for being organized and available. The transition to distance learning could not have been smoother for my family."

"First and for most, I think you all are doing an outstanding job and at least four times a week I am telling other people what a blessing it is to belong to this community and how well you all have supported the students."

"I am so grateful to our teachers, staff and admin for their live and commitment to see our kids through this unprecedented, sad, scary time. Thanks to each of you!"

"The amount of time being put in by the teachers and all staff is amazing and appreciated."

Examples of Distance Learning Schedules

Kindergarten schedule
1st grade schedule
2nd grade schedule
3rd grade schedule
4th grade schedule
5th grade schedule
Middle School schedule

Check out Storytime with Mrs. Anderson!

Congrats to First Grade for answering 5,000 math questions & reading more than 250 books!