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Family Stewardship

Our Lady of Lourdes invites all parents to become actively involved in working with school personnel to maximize their child’s educational experience. Since parents are the first and primary teachers of their children, it is important that a cooperative relationship is established between home and school, with the child’s best interest being the primary goal. 

Family Stewardship

Our Family Stewardship program looks a little different this year, but our objectives remain the same. Look for the link in the Messenger newsletter for current stewardship opportunities. Stewardship in the school is a big plus for students, staff, and families. Parent volunteers enhance the learning environment and opportunities for their children while helping reduce costs!

Our Lady of Lourdes Stewardship Program is essential to the success of our school. This program reduces costs by utilizing parent, grandparent, and parish volunteers. Volunteering also allows parents to have greater participation in their children’s school life and to share in the responsibility of the success of their education.

All parents are obligated to support the efforts of Our Lady of Lourdes School by contributing a minimum of 30 hours of volunteer time per family per year (15 hours for single parents) in various events and service activities. This is a wonderful way to become acquainted with school parents and grow in the spirit of the Our Lady of Lourdes community.

Pre-Covid - what stewardship hours are and aren’t…

Examples of qualifying service hours:

  • Taking the time to make cookies or treats for an event
  • Coaching a CYO team
  • Driving on a field trip
  • Attending a PTO meeting
  • Helping with the Christmas Program
  • Procuring for the Auction
  • Working at the Golf Tournament
Examples of non-qualifying service hours:
  • Buying crayons for your child’s classroom
  • Attending a CYO sports game
  • Attending the Christmas Program
  • Buying items or treats for your child’s classroom
  • Attending the Auction
  • Golfing at the Golf Tournament

Safe Environment Training

The Archdiocese of Seattle requires all parents, volunteers, and staff members to participate in Safe Environment training every three years. The initial training is a 3-hour class held at Our Lady of Lourdes or another Catholic parish in Vancouver. Training updates are required every three years. Look for classes information in the Messenger newsletter.

Pre-Covid Stewardship Opportunities

Event Volunteers Needed

Golf Tournament
Angels for Education

Other Service Opportunities

Health room 
Book sales
PTO hospitality
Teacher appreciation
Room parents
Field trip drivers
Field day
Art literacy
Boxtops coordinator
Welcome new parents
Library help
Technology help
Alumni outreach
Auction workers
Development committee
Tool time
and more!