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Angels for Education Annual Giving Campign

Become an "Angel for Education" when you participate in the Angels for Education Annual Giving Campaign. This campaign sustains our school, helping to maintain our excellent educational programs while keeping tuition as affordable as possible for our families. Our commitment to accessibility for present and future generations requires your support, so please become an Angel for Education today and give a gift of Catholic education. Each and every family and parishioner is asked to donate during this recognized time of giving. 

How can I give to Angels for Education?

By donating to our different types of funds -

1. Scholarships for Tuition Assistance

We provide need-based scholarships to school families who cannot afford to pay their total educational costs. The amount of scholarship aid we are able to give is directly dependent on the amount we are able to raise through the Angels for Education Annual Giving Campaign. There are several scholarship funds to choose, ones managed by our school: Sister Mary Leona Father Dillon Fund, Jeanne Berens Ghormley, Memorial Fund​​​​​​, and endowed scholarships funds, managed by the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington: Gabriel Antonio Fazio, Buck Fund, Knights of Columbus. 

2. Endowment Fund

A healthy Endowment Fund is the best insurance for the future financial stability of our school and the accessibility of Catholic education for students yet to come. 

3. The Lourdes Fund for Greatest Needs

Gifts to the Lourdes Fund are unrestricted and will be applied to the areas of greatest need within our school. The Lourdes Fund may help us meet matching grant requirements, or pay for things like educational enhancements, facility improvements, faculty training, scholarship aid or other areas as needed. 

Ways to invest in the Angels for Education Campaign

  1. Donate to a fund of your choice - endowment, greatest need, scholarship
  2. Participate in your Employee Matching Gift Program
  3. Participate in your company United Way Campaign
  4. Selling stock
  5. Restricted Funding

Matching Opportunities 

We have incredible opportunities to double donations!  We thank -

1. Dick Hannah Dealerships for their generous $25,000 challange match for scholarships. This is the seventh year Our Lady of Lourdes School has been priviledged to receive such a matching opportunity.

2. OCF Joseph E.Weston Public Foundation for two matches: $30,000 endowment match and $20,000 scholarship match.

How to donate to the Angels for Education Campaign

  1. Pledge and donate online
  2. Mail your check to the Development Office

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