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During these unprecedented times, we invite you to learn about our school through a virtual tour or schedule a private visit. Our incredible teaching staff didn't miss a beat and started distance learning Monday, March 16th, just a day after all schools were closed. Our students continue to learn despite the building being closed, we are blessed.

Vikki Pynenburg
  Vikki Pynenburg

Applications open for the 2020-2021 school year!

Visit Lourdes from your home with this virtual tour, see what makes Lourdes so special. We encourage you to complete an application for the grade(s) you have interest in. Meet the team - virtually for now - email us, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our Lourdes family. 


All faiths are welcome! 

Family Testimonials

"Mrs. Dickson is really an incredible instructor. It is a treat to see her in action on the zoom meetings."
"Mr.Lloyd is doing a very good job making the lessons clear."
"I like having weekly schedule of what needs to be completed everyday for that week. I like how Mrs. Johnson still includes the optional classes"
"Ms Hart is doing an amazing job and I appreciate her tenacity to teach well and her boundless creativity for connecting. "

Please email to learn more about how Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School will support the goals and needs of your family.