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2018-2019 K-8 Tuition and Fees


Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School sets tuition rates lower than the actual cost of education to make the school more affordable for school families.  Tuition covers approximately 75 percent of the cost of education.  Therefore, every school family is expected to help bridge the gap between actual cost and tuition rates below. 


Tuition Rates


2018 - 2019 Actual Cost of K-8 Education      
1 payment of:                             $  8,391.00
11 monthly payments of:         $     762.82
(Does not include fees)   

Non-Subsidized K-8 Tuition: 
1 payment of:                              $  8,053.00
11 monthly payments of:          $     732.09

Fully Subsidized K-8 Tuition  - 1 annual payment:       
1st student                                       $   6,763     
1st plus 2nd student                       $ 13,126   
1st, 2nd plus 3rd student               $ 19,089      


Fully Subsidized K-8 Tuition  - 11 monthly payments:
1st student                                       $    614.82  
1st plus 2nd student                       $ 1,193.27  
1st, 2nd plus 3rd student               $  1,735.36              

What is Subsidized Tuition?

Subsidized tuition rates may vary by parish.  The published rates represent Our Lady of Lourdes Parish subsidized rates.  OLL subsidy is available to families who are verified as active participating members of the parish.  Families who belong to other local Catholic parishes may qualify for a subsidy from their home parish.

Covering the Gap Between Full Cost and Tuition

Parents cover the gap between actual cost and tuition in many ways, including: 

  • Fees to cover specific costs

  • Donations to cover the difference between subsidized tuition and actual cost

  • Subsidy from Our Lady of Lourdes and other parishes in the community

  • Fundraising revenue from the annual auction

  • Scrip (Gift card sales) income

  • Tuition assistance for those who qualify


Family Registration Fee          $240

FACTS Management       $20 - $50
(depending on plan)
Safety and Facility Fee
Our Lady of Lourdes parish:   $100
All other parishes:                    $150
Class Supplies/Auction Projects
Grades K-2:  $45
Grades 3-5:  $60
Grades 6-8:  $80

Required Contributions

Angels for Education Campaign
Registration Drive Pledge/Gift

Scrip Participation  
Family profit for year:              $150

SHINE Auction
Donate/ procure item
valued at                                    $100

Service Hours per Year
2 parent family:                      30 hrs
Single parent family:             15 hrs

Safe Environment Training

All parents are required to
attend initial 3 hour class
and annual online update.