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Elementary - Primary and Intermediate Students

Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic

The daily curriculum for Kindergarten through 5th-grade students includes Language Arts, Math, Religion, Science, and Social Studies. Spanish Language class is three times each week. Physical Education, Library, Music, and Technology classes are two days each week. K-5 Science is augmented by FOSS (Full Option Science System) Modules provided by the Science/Math Consortium. These modules provide an opportunity for hands-on scientific study for our students.

Primary Level - Kindergarten through Grade 2

With an emphasis on the basics, Kindergarten through 2nd grade establishes a solid foundation for future academic success. The fundamentals of language arts and basic math skills are the main focus. Learning to read well is a top priority, as reading and comprehension are necessary for all academic subjects. Super Kids, a leveled K-2 reading/language arts program was adopted in 2009 to ensure that all K-2 students have the fundamental skills necessary to successfully transition into the Intermediate level language arts program in the 3rd grade. In a leveled program the student is assessed and placed in a group with similar reading ability. That may mean if a child already reads when entering Kindergarten he or she may be placed in a high Kindergarten group of possibly with a first-grade group. On the other hand, if a student is struggling to learn to read he or she will be placed in a group that will receive additional support. Children are regularly assessed so that they can move to a stronger reading group when they are ready. This program is designed to meet students at their individual ability level so that no child is left behind but every child IS challenged. Students are initially assessed each September and placed with a group of students with similar reading abilities. Students are assessed frequently throughout the year and each child will have the opportunity to move to a higher level reading group when appropriate.

Intermediate Level - Grades 3 - 5

The Intermediate level curriculum features a strong academic program designed to prepare students for middle school studies. Students in grades 3 - 5 transition to a literature-based language arts program, which includes the study of novels, poetry, short stories, and non-fiction. Students do a great deal of writing, explore all modes of writing, and learn the 6-traits that characterize good writing. At this level technology is fully integrated into the curriculum and students utilize their technology skills to create a variety of projects. Our Lady of Lourdes adopted the common core math program in 2012-2013.  Our staff has done extensive training in the common core math so that students who are capable can be challenged. 


Interested 5th-grade students may also take Beginning Band as an elective his year.  Band students participate in Hazel Dell Parade and Junior Rose Festival and also take part in competitions.  Band continues in middle school as an elective.

Art Literacy

Our Lady of Lourdes volunteer-led Art Literacy program provides an opportunity for students to study a total of six artists and their chosen genres.  Students learn about the artist, the historical significance, and the technique. They then create their own art project using the same technique and style as the featured artist. At the annual Open House and Celebration of Learning held each May, families are invited to view art projects created throughout the year.

Outdoor School

Fifth-grade students attend Outdoor School at Camp Seymour in Gig Harbor.