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School Commission - Serving Our School

Our Lady of Lourdes School Commission is a working commission that meets monthly. Each commissioner is paired with a faculty or staff member and is responsible for one area of the school, as noted below.  Parents are welcome to attend the School Commission meetings. To add items to the meeting agenda contact the School Commission Chairperson. 

Responsibilities of the School Commission:

  1. To model faith community in spirit of cooperation and interdependence

  2. Develop policies that will enable the school to reach its goals

  3. Review and advise on the annual school budget and available funding

  4. Act as public relations arm of the school

  5. Develop future visions and plans for the school

  6. Collaborate with the Pastor in hiring the Principal to administer the school and to implement both Archdiocesan and local policies

2016-2017 School Commission Members

  1. David Bottoms, Chair

  2. Holly Rogers, Principal

  3. Fr. Woody McCallister, Pastor

  4. Vikki Pynenburg, Development Director

  5. Lesley Jeffries, PALS President

  6. Kelly Graeme, Facilities

  7. JonAlan Page - Finance

  8. Megan Keim - Catholic Identity

  9. Shawna Meyer-Ravelli, Technology

  10. Vince Daltoso, Safety

  11. Lisa DaSilva, School Environment and Culture

  12. Sandy Meza-Gonzales, Diversity

  13. Becki Hundt, School Administrator