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Catholic Identity


Our Catholic Faith

The mission and philosophy statements of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School support strong evangelization through the integration of the Roman Catholic Faith into all aspects of school life.  

Prayer experiences and reception of the Sacraments are abundant. The religion curriculum and teaching methodology are alive and vibrant in classrooms. Religious signs, sacramental, traditions, and rituals of the Roman Catholic Church permeate the entire school culture. Christian service is highly valued and integrated within the entire school community.  

All are actively engaged in bringing the Good News of Jesus into the total education experience and there is an observable vibrancy of faith within the school environment.




Why Choose Catholic School - by Dr. Haggerty

Regular Mass Attendance

• Increase life expectancy
• Less Likely to use / abuse alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
• Dramatically lower risk of suicide
• Rebound from depression 70% faster
• Less likely to commit a crime
• More likely to remain married
• Less likely to live in poverty
• More likely to attend college – and graduate

Superior Academics

• Accredited
• Over 99% of Catholic school students graduate
• Over 98% of high school students go on to college
• Catholic school students consistently perform better on standardized assessments

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