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Design the new Lancers Mascot!

October 19, 2018
By Vikki Pynenburg
Mascot competition poster
The Lancers mascot is here to stay but we are looking for a new image - please enter the competition and create the Lourdes Lancer image. If drawing/sketching/designing is not your top talent, don't worry, draw what you can and we will have a designer complete a final rendering if yours is the winner. So don't be shy, we want to see your creation; the competition is open to parishioners, alumni, families, students and staff. The rules can be seen online or printed by the Development Office. You have until November 16th to turn in your art, either on paper or digitally. We are steering away from the weapons aspect of a Lancer, and focusing on the characteristics. 
For inspiration, here are Christie Walker's words: "A Lancer may have been chosen to represent that the students are defenders of the Christian faith, they are loyal to Christ and their community, and steadfast when it comes to overcoming obstacles. The armor Lancers wear would represent the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). The lance (Sword of the Spirit) being a symbol of the Lord's truth, their education, and their faith."