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Save the Date for Give More 24!

August 12, 2017
By Vikki Pynenburg
Give More 24!

Give More 24! goes live just three weeks after school starts. So save the date - Thursday September 21st - and be ready to donate to your favourite local nonprofits anytime during those crucial 24 hours. Give More 24! is organized and run by the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington. Lourdes has decided to participate for a third year to raise money for financial aid for students coming in the next school year.  We don't wish to turn families down who value our Catholic education, we want to fill our school and teach many children to become the great citizens that our alumni display.

There will be matches. There will be prizes. But there has to be you.

PCA Families

July 17, 2017
By Vikki Pynenburg

Dear PCA families,
***NEW!  We are holding an open house Thursday 20th from 6-7pm for PCA families.***

We are so sorry to hear that PCA is closing. It is extremely sad to lose such a wonderful school. Whilst your heads are in a turmoil and your hearts are heavy, should your family wish to consider continuing a Catholic education, St. Joseph's and Our Lady of Lourdes open our doors to you. 

OLL will open and extend enrollment for your students, feel free to contact us if you are ready and we can show you around. So you can get a feel for the size of Lourdes in comparison to PCA, our enrollment is currently standing at approximately 240 students. Our parents describe our small community as a family, and we extend our hearts to you.

We are praying for your peace of mind.

Fund Facts - Lourdes and Endowment Fund

May 04, 2017
By Vikki Pynenburg


How do you want your donation to work?
What options do you have?
Why are there so many funds?

Our array of funds can be confusing. The OLL Fund Facts series is designed to provide the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and be pleased with your investment in your school.

New Referral Rewards

January 23, 2017
By Vikki Pynenburg

As a friend, you bring a trustworthy recommendation that cannot be duplicated in advertising. So please spread the word with families, friends, work colleagues, fitness groups, moms groups, neighborhood associations, and so on, and help us fill the school from pre-kindergarten through to 8th grade with laughter, learning and love.

Here is our thank you, a two step reward system -

1. For every family that tours, the named referring OLL family will receive one hour credit towards their volunteer obligations. The referring family will be responsible for documenting these hours per letter provided, when the office requests volunteer hour reports, usually in May.

2. For every new family that enrolls, the named referring OLL family will receive a 50% discount on the 2017-18 registration fee.

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