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Accredited by WCEA 


2015 Accreditation

Our Lady of Lourdes School is fully accredited by the Western Catholic Education Association. In our most recent Accreditation visit in November 2015, Our Lady of Lourdes School was accredited for a full six years and received rave reviews! 

Among other things, the Visiting Accreditation Team commented on the numerous ways our students learn about Catholic values and principles, the way the SLEs (Schoolwide Learning Expectations) permeate our school's culture, the joy the service program brings to our children and the number of opportunities our students have to serve, the level of differentiation our school offers, the quality of the curriculum, and the ability of our students to articulate the aspects of the school's programs. They were very impressed!

Our Lady of Lourdes - A Highly Effective School

In an Accreditation Report "Effective" means that the school is meeting the expectations of quality schools. "Highly Effective" means that the school is exceeding expectations. Within the 14 Accreditation Standards evaluated by the Visiting Accreditation Team, Our Lady of Lourdes received 3 scores of Effective and 11 scores of Highly Effective. That is just about as well as a school can do!

The 14 Accreditation Standards include school's Catholic Identity, Data Analysis and Action to Support High Achievement of All Students, High Achievement by All Students Toward Clearly Defined SLEs and Curriculum Standards, Instructional Methodology to Support High Achievement of All Students, and Resource Management and Development to Support High Achievement of All Students.

2019 Family Survey

OLL Exceeding Expectations!

Thanks to everyone for being a part of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School!